The Sample Assessment requires submission of a paper describing a suitable assessment intended for anESL audience. This assessment should apply some of the principles covered aspart of the course. It could consist of formative and/or summative assessment as applicable, and can include any type or alternative form of assessment (e.g., questionnaire, interview, journal, test, quiz, dictation,etc.) deemed suitable for the intended ESL population, grade level, age, etc.For instance, you could consider this assessment as a component in an actual lesson intended to address specific needs for the ESL students, e.g. reading comprehension, vocabulary development, knowledge of Wh-question formation. You will choose the grade level, level of proficiency in ESL, setting (i.e., ESL orEFL, etc.), integration of content area and technology, and the specific assessment suitable to your specific objectives/activity- a quiz, an interview, a game, a rubric, a journal, etc. Length: 2 pages (EN 528, 3 pages). See guidelines for specific details. No late submissions are accepted.


note that I have included Sample of what the Assessment should be like like and guildline and grading Rubric as well. pls let me know if you have any question.

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