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In this class we will talk about many health issues that different Ethnic groups face. Although it’s important to be aware of the health issues it’s also important to
discuss the ways in which we as a society can work together to lessen the burden that the different populations experience. For this semester’s project you will be
asked to develop an intervention for one of the following groups:

• Hispanic and Latino
• American Indian or Alaskan Native
• African American
• Asian American or Pacific Islander
• Caucasian American
• Non-Ethnic or LGBT or Migrant Farmworker

Once you choose a population you will choose a health disparity that the group faces. You will then be asked to construct a health promotion intervention that
potentially decreases the health disparity that you choose. The intervention must be culturally targeted to the race/ethnic group you choose.

Example) Hispanic and Latinos – High Rates of Diabetes is the health issue
Construct a media campaign that educates Latinos on Healthy cooking practices and exercise

Example) African Americans – High Rates of Heart Disease is the health issue
Construct a program that monitors and supports members of the community

Example) Asian Americans – Increase mental health use. Construct a program that promotes the use of mental health professionals.

You will submit a 5 -7 single spaced written proposal that describes your intervention. The following is the minimum that each project must contain:

• Description of the targeted Population
• Description of the Health disparity
• Description of Intervention proposed and how it is culturally competent
• Why this intervention the best route
• Recommendations to government for policy changes
• Recommendations to individuals
• Citations for any information used

Be creative and be as detailed as possible. Look for information outside your textbook to assist you. Look to the CDC website as well as Texas’ State Health Dept.
websites for additional data that you can use. Pretend that you have been hired by your city’s local government to come up with this intervention to solve this
problem. Make the written proposal as professional looking as possible.
You can include graphs, charts, etc. however I still need to have at least 5 pages of text. Make sure to have normal size font/margins, etc.). Remember I also take
quality into consideration.


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