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Think about the ways in which music was used in the excerpts you read, as well as in another other examples you can think of from other works you may have read on your own. I want you now to write a 3-5 page paper, which could be a free-standing short story or a 3-5 page “excerpt” from a larger work. (That is, you don’t need to write a full novel, but you could write something which you are viewing as part of a larger whole, and not worry about what we do and don’t know about the characters and the story because we’re only reading something in the middle.)

In this work, you must use music in one or more of the ways you’ve seen. Do not simply insert a reference to one fleeting work of music or song; the use of music must be integral to what else you are trying to show. It must help propel the plot, or help us to understand a character, or to set a scene, etc…..

More than anything, it should make interesting reading. Don’t make it “about” the music, but write it in such a way that it is better because the music is there.

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