write a thoughtful answer to the two questions i pose make sure to address all parts of the question 2 paragraphs or at least 10 sentences is a safe barometer for each question

1. The Venerable Bede: How did Bede describe the conversion process of the Anglo-Saxons? How might Bede’s description of the conversion process help us understand the development of Anglo-Saxon (English) Christianity? (For example, Beowulf and the figure of a warrior Christ). Compare to Einhard’s description of the conversion of the (continental) Saxons.

2. Einhard on Charlemagne: How did Einhard describe Charlemagne? What are your impressions of the man and his mission(s)? Why do you think it was so important to Charlemagne to raise the educational standards of both the clergy and laity (i.e. everyone else)?

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