Write a 5 page paper on Jazz music as it relates to humanities Essay Help

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1. Write a 5 page paper on Jazz music as it relates to humanities. Include an outline of how you plan to put your paper together.
2. Consulthttps://owl.english.purdue.edu/owlto make sure you are using the correct format for MLA and to see a sample a bibliography.
3. Then, begin typing your paper. The research paper should be 5 pages in length. If your research paper is on a person, make sure that your paper discusses and incorporates the significance of the person and the influence of the person within that time period. Also, identify how this person has contributed to humanities overall.
4. From your bibliography, you must choose at least five sources to use within your paper.
5. Again, keep in mind that your paper should be formatted using the MLA format.

The topic is the development of Jazz Music, where was it originated and who had an influential part in creating it. Ex. Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, Ellis Marsallis, and Branford Marsallis just to name a few. Also how it blossomed into what it is now today.

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