write a 1500 to 1750 word essay about food justice

Write a 1500 to 1750 word essay about food justice. Pick a topic that

(a) is worth communicating because it can help us understand and/or improve food justice, and

(b) concentrates on one of the 8 food system supply chain elements in the CRFS Framework (Ventura and Bailkey 2017, p. 20). See the guide for topic ideas and literature.

Your essay should include at least 4 scholarly sources (peer reviewed academic publications). At least two of these sources must be from your list of COMM 114J readings. Structure your essay as a narrative that conforms to what we described in class as an And-But-Therefore (ABT) Story. See the guide for more detail.

I will upload a full version of the essay requirements which has much details on it.

Here is the link for the readings: https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt20q2404

I will upload another readings below

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