Women’s organizations across cultural divides Essay Dissertation Help

In order to explore the diverse ways women’s organizations promote people to people connections across cultural divides, examine the questions for each organization and answer these 4 areas:
position statement or mission of each organization; actions to achieve their mission effectiveness, in your opinions, of the group in forwarding their mission.
Question: “Why did women almost 100 years ago organize internationally to define peace as a women’s issue?” 2) International Museum of Women (I.M.O.W.), an innovative museum that inspires global
action, connects people across borders and transforms hearts and minds by amplifying the voices of women worldwide through global online exhibitions.
Question: “What innovative ways can online exhibits be used to make cross-cultural connections?” 3) The article at the URL below, Women Waging Peace, offers critical and often overlooked
perspectives to the peacemaking process. http://foreignpolicy.com/2009/11/19/women-waging-peace/
( Question: “In what ways can examples of women’s efforts from around the world offer new ground in peacemaking and reconstruction?” 4) Women in Black, a world-wide network of women committed to
creating a political culture of women, and of peace with justice. The participation of women of diverse backgrounds and across conflict divides in decision making is crucial.

Question: “During conflicts, are women freer to publicly express their solidarity with each other?” 5) Girls Helping Girls: Girls in the United States are partnered with girls in schools and
community organizations in developing countries to jointly identify problems in their communities and develop social change through micro lending projects to address those issues.
http://www.empoweragirl.org/pages/page.php?pageid=13 (Links to an external site.) Question: ” Can international connections of youths become change makers around the world?” 6) Rwanda Women in
Action: Hutu and Tutsi tribe, survivors of the 1994 genocide and its violent aftermath. come together in the spirit of reconciliation to work toward improving the social, economic, and physical
security for women and children in Rwanda.

Question: “After genocide, what can women do? 7) Batisseuses de Paix, or Peace Builders: a cooking club sponsoring cultural sharing programs by Muslim and Jewish women in France to defuse
hostilities between Muslims and Jews.
Question: “Do relationships between Jews and Muslims revolving around everyday events like cooking have a potential to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before politicians do?”

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