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Week 7 Assignment – Research SN74HC595N

Research SN74HC595N

Conduct an internet search for the datasheet for the SN74HC595N shift register DIP IC. Include proper APA citation for all sources referenced.

Include the following: •Explanation of how this device “extends” the I/O capabilities of an Arduino or any other microcontroller.. •Explanation of what the Function Table is on the datasheet and how it is used to write programs with the Arduino interfaced to this shift register.. •Describe two applications for which an Arduino based system would benefit from utilizing a shift register. .

Week 7 Lab – Using Shift Registers with the Arduino Using Shift Registers with the Arduino

Lab 7a:

Procedure: •Read the section: ?Chapter 12: Building and Testing a Hardware-Debounce Button Interrupt Circuit. . •Construct the breadboard circuit and implement the program presented as in Chapter 12 (pp.262-269)..

Lab 7b:

Procedure: •Read the section: ?Chapter 7: Shifting Serial Data from the Arduino. . •Construct the breadboard circuit and implement the program presented as Bar Graph Distance Control in Chapter 7 (pp.147-152)..

Lab 7c:


Applying the principles in Lab 7a and 7b, design the following circuit and code: •Modify the Bar Graph Distance Control circuit and program to using a photoresistor input instead of an IR distance sensor in Chapter 3 (pp. 56- 59). Modify the program to represent an illumination LED bar graph circuit. In other words, when the photoresistor detects maximum light, all of the eight LEDS light. As you dim the amount to the photoresistor, the LEDS start to turn off from right to left.. •Send your code file (.ino) of the lab completed and operational as well for credit..

Analysis/Discussion: •Explain what you did in the program to reverse the display of the bar graph, making the bar graph illuminate with the LEDS on and turning off as you dimmed the light.. •The 74HC595 shift register is essential converting 3 inputs to 8 outputs. In your own words, how does this work?.

With your answers, please submit your code, a video of your circuit and any computer screenshots during its operation. Please include your Grantham ID number in the video to show your work.

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