We will be taking another journalistic approach for Online Discussion 5. For Chapters 25 & 26, assume the role of a journalist covering national events as it relates to changing US society. What have been some of the social, political, and economic changes of these decades. How do you as a journalist interpret these changes. How are notable people in history identifying with country, race, gender, identity, etc. You will be graded on the amount of details and the quality of the writing that corresponds to answering the questions. Please be sure to incorporate at least 5 key terms from the chapter in your online discussion/Journal entry. Questions to keep in mind as you write from a journalistic, perspective: Who are you and what paper would you write for? Why are you writing this piece? Male or female? This Online Discussions allows you to get creative, while at the same time answering the questions below, including your own insight, and engaging with the chapter and powerpoints. Continue to cite throughout your reporting as you have done previously. Online discussion 5 should be a minimum of 700 words.

*NOTE: Please have a look at Pages –> The Journalistic Approach to see how you could get creative with this type of assignment.

textbook is http://www.amscopub.com/products/pdfs/fl/fl-otp2-samp.pdf

I put example in the files

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