which of the first two colonies virginia or massachusetts offered colonists the best opportunities in terms of societal advancement wealth freedom and life expectancy 3


The paper should have a header that contains the student’s name and class information. At the end of the paper include any sources other than lecture notes or the textbook which you consulted.

Times new roman 12 pt font single spaced

The paper should be between 750-1,000 words. Do not include the header or citations at the end in the word count. The review should be presented in paragraph format with complete sentences.

Plagiarism Your paper is an original work prepared by you and not information you found elsewhere and simply copied. If more than five (5) words in a row were taken from another source they should be placed in quotation marks. No quote should be longer than twenty-five (25) words long. The entire paper should not contain more than fifty (50) quoted words in total. Each violation of these rules will result in a letter grade, 5 point, penalty

Paragraph 1 :Introduction of the topic

Paragraph 2 :Argument in favor of one side

paragraph 3: Argument for other side

paragraph 4 :Discussion of other factors or counter arguements (optional)

paragraph 5 : conclusion where you pick one side and explain why you picked them.

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