what static electricity lesson you learned static electricity

What is static electricity? In this lesson, you learned that static electricity is a buildup of electric charges. Electrically charged objects attract or repel each other. You also learned that objects get an electric charge when charges are separated and that an electric charge has an electric field. 1. Draw and complete a graphic organizer to show when particles attract and repel each other. 2. SUMMARIZE Write two sentences that tell what the lesson was mainly about. 3. DRAW CONCLUSIONS If you rub a balloon on a wool sweater, the balloon will stick to the wool. What causes this to happen? 4. VOCABULARY Write a sentence that explains how charges cause static electricity. 5. Critical Thinking What causes plastic wrap to stick to your hands when you pull it off the roll? 6. You have two balloons. You rub each one with a different material. When you bring the materials near one another, they repel each other. What can you infer happened? CRCT Practice 7. How can a plastic ruler get a positive charge? A by gaining negative charges B by losing negative charges C by gaining positive charges D by losing positive charges 8. Two charged objects attract each other. Which statement is true? A neither is positive B neither is negative C they have the same charge D they have opposite charges
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