What is communication?

1-      What is communication? The book definition and my definition about the communication.

2-      Communication theory. Choose one communication theory and explain what it is.

3-      Discuss the same theory that you chose… Theory that well allow to your life. We learn one theory so how do well use this theory in your life.

4-      What did you learn in 1100, which is my class? At the begging of the semester, I was very nervous and shy to talk to my classmates even I was thinking to drop this class. However, throughout this class gave me trust in myself and made my break the ice. This is my first semester. So, I did not know how the system is working here at USA this class was the most class showed me how it works.

5-      Conclusion. What do think you deserve a grade and why do think that? I think I deserve A- in this class due to I’m the only non-native speaker in this class and this is my first semester and I did great job in the Midterm I got 90 also my presentations I got god grades which make me get the A- . I live too far from the university and my attendance is good.

Four pages singles space.

12 font.

APA format.

Five references. One of them should be the book….

This is the name of the book (Communication Mosaics Edition: 7th)

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