what are the main topics and arguments of the book quot walking on fire quot

Focusing on the information learned from Walking on Fire, which focuses on Haitian women, select a Caribbean country of your choice to research about their women. Your research results should be used to compare the group of women you selected to the women of Haiti according to the information shared by Beverly Bells. Some of the questions you can aim to answer include, but are not limited to: Did you find examples of resistance about the women you researched? What are some of the gender issues faced by the women you researched? Are the women you researched involved politically or were they involved politically in the past? Have the women you researched been agents of change? Meaning, have they been part of a movement that produced in their society?

The assignment is also your critical evaluation of the book and must do the following:

  • Briefly summarize the main topics and arguments (i.e. what is it about).
  • Assess the research methods and information sources that the author (Beverly Bell) uses to support her points.
  • Discuss the book’s strengths and weaknesses, including how persuasive the book is and what is distinctive about it.
  • Discuss how the book contributes to the field of feminist, gender, cultural, social, and political studies.
  • In developing your argument, be sure to provide concrete examples drawn from the book. However, quote judiciously. Your assignment should not be a string of quotes. Please remember that all quotes must be introduce. For example, you may introduce a quote directly from the book or any of your sources as follows: According to Beverley Bell, “the definition of resistance is expanded to include any act that keeps the margins of power from being further encroached upon” (5).
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