what are some of your initial perceptions or beliefs about the population with whom you will be working

Reflection Question #1: Introduction to Community-based Service Learning. Please expand on the following:

  1. What are some of your initial perceptions or beliefs about the population with whom you will be workin
    1. How are the cultures represented at your community site the same or different than yours?
    2. How do you see that being a challenge or opportunity for you?
    3. Discuss twoculturally-responsive strategies you or others have used or could use at your community site to engage with the clients? Be specific

    JASC site- https://www.jasc-chicago.org/

  • Answer the questions posed for each reflection
  • Integration of course content with references (at least one) is required
  • Each paper should be approximately 500 words in length
  • Use APA formatting guidelines (no title page is necessary) – include brief conclusion

Reflection offers you an opportunity to practice writing, analyzing and articulating both your academic learning and community service learning experience, as well as record and document your progress toward the course learning objectives. In addition to completing these questions, please feel free to comment on topics that are most important and relevant to your personal learning needs and goals to show how you are growing as a nursing professional. You will need to draw from your CbSL experience and readings to successfully complete these assignments

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