Western Management Models and their Compatibility with Arab Organizations Essay Dissertation Help

1) TO start with, please try to focus on one main research question. A PhD thesis in our field requires empirical work. Thus, the research topic needs to be chosen in a way that it can be empirically analysed. Conceptual, theoretical and normative/prescriptive elements can be included in the thesis, but the core of it needs to be empirical. What you could think of is for example the link between (1) a lack of fit of HR policies and practices with Arab values and culture and (2) employee and organisational performance outcome variables.
2) The proposal needs to show first ideas of how the empirical part of the PhD thesis can be organised. This is usually used as a starting point for discussion and refinement rather than a concrete plan for research.
3) The proposal should also include a more elaborated literature review. In your case I would like to suggest that you do some thorough literature search on Scopus, the Web of science, or EBSCO to scan for the recent literature on human resource management, management styles or leadership practices in Arab countries. There have been quite a few publications in the field recently.

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