. Were the Soviet Five-Year Plans successful? Why? Essay Help

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Write 2-page paper on one of the following questions. Use your lecture notes, textbook, and academic secondary sources to help you write and back up your arguments.
For the secondary sources, they MUST be academic books and/or scholarly articles (use JSTOR and Ebscohost to find the articles); do NOT use random websites (this
includes History.com, Wikipedia, and PBS), book reviews, or encyclopedias. If you have any doubts about a source, contact Roesch’s reference librarians or the

Formatting: Please write in Times New Roman Font (black), Size 12, double spaced paragraphs with normal margins (and staple if necessary). Do not use excessive
spacing. Also, cite all outside information properly- use either Chicago Manual of Style footnoting or MLA in-text citations. For the class lectures, here is an
example: Revolutions in the Atlantic World, West and World 103-01, 01/25/17.
Quiz #8:
1. Were the Soviet Five-Year Plans successful? Why?
2. Why did the Japanese perpetrate the Nanjing Massacre


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