Well-being of high-growth women entrepreneurs – Quantitative systematic literature review Essay Help

Well-being of high-growth women entrepreneurs – Quantitative systematic literature review

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Quantitative systematic literature review on the topic of high-growth women entrepreneurs and well-being. Use sources of the last 15 years (definitely do not omit any
relevat in the last 5 years) and only those published in high IF journals, for example:
a. Entrepreneurship Journals
i. Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Small Business Economics, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, Journal of Small Business
Management, International Small Business Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, International Journal of
Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Review of

b. Management Journals
i. Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Management Studies, Strategic
Management Journal, Journal of Management, British Journal of Management, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business

I do not know top journals for well-being.

In systematic literature review focus at finding what is already researched well, where are the gaps and what should be researched. in tables group them according to
type of methodology used, sample size, etc.A rigorously conducted literature review should (according to my supervisor:
Determine what is already known about your proposed research topic /question
Appraise the quality of the research evidence
Synthesise the research evidence from studies of the highest quality
Identify research gaps and priorities for generating new evidence to fill these gaps
Please be careful presenting original writing, they have a top-notch antiplag. software at Uni where they use it for checking research papers coming to their IF
journal. it will go into IF journal as the prerequisit to doctoral state exam. I have enclosed similar reviews.


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