week 3 assignments 2

Assignment 1: – Think Piece #3

You are reading the work of another student in this class. And the student’s work sounds very familiar. You read it more closely. And you begin to anticipate what the student is going to say. Hmmmmm. You read it more carefully. Then you look at the writing that you submitted for your assignment and you realize that your work is identical–word for word, comma for comma, spelling error for spelling error–to that student’s work. You check the timestamp function in Blackboard and it shows that you posted your work on Tuesday at noon; the other student posted her work the following Sunday at 11:00 PM.

You write a letter that is addressed to both the student and the instructor regarding this situation. Your letter is your think piece.


Assignment 2: – Unit 3 Discussion

https://justpaste.it/2io74 – Professor’s Week 3 Reading.

Discuss your thoughts on this week’s reading, assignment and anything you want to talk about.


End of Assignments – Thank You


Book for the class: Moore, Brooke Noel and Parker, Richard. Critical Thinking. 11th Edition. McGraw Hill, 2015.

https://www.docdroid.net/kg0rkZJ/critical-thinking-12th-edition-by-moore.pdf– This is the book for this class by the way.

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