watchmen critical approach presentation

Please only use Word to write the prompt below. I will add the paragraphs to another student’s already made presentation slides. (it’s a group project, and I just need to do my part. I am not creating the slides)

Overview For this presentation, you will create a presentation on one of the critical approaches to literature we have been discussing: Gender (including Feminist and Queer Theory), Psychological, Historical, Eco-critical, or Marxism using Google Slides or Adobe Spark, which can be easily accessed, edited, and shared by multiple students. Here is the requirements for your slides in this presentation:  3-5 assertions (claims) that support the critical approach chosen. These claims are what you were coming up with when you were completing the Layering worksheets for the past two weeks. The idea is that these assertions could go on to be your body paragraph topics in Essay #3.  Concrete evidence to back up these assertions o Visual Elements/Images from Watchmen for each of the assertions (you can take pictures with your phones or find images using a Google image search). o At least one credible outside source referenced (citation needed) as support of one of the assertions. This should be a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal.

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