Watch John Oliver on Student Debt Essay Dissertation Help

1. How is student debt legally different from other debt?
2. In the video there is a clip of Lyndon Johnson saying that education must be an escape from poverty. How do you think he would feel about the fact that most graduates struggle with student
debt? Why would he feel that way?
3. How did Obama try to hinder for-profit schooling and why wasn’t he successful?
4. According to the article, who can afford college?
5. The article states that “when education levels go up, so do employment rates and tax revenue. Health-care costs decline, as do incarceration rates and reliance on welfare. Broadly, when
people are educated, they are better able to participate in democracy and contribute financially to their communities.” If this is true, why isn’t the government invested in the education of all
Then do your research on these requirements .
1. 1-Compile a list of arguments presented in the viewing and reading materials about higher education issues There should be at least five strong arguments listed.

2. Choose one of those arguments to research. Write out the one you’ve chosen for your answer here.

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