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In the last assignment, you selected a public health problem for which you will develop a PSA. For this assignment, you will examine your chosen PSA topic in more depth by researching the underlying social determinants of the public health problem you selected. You will also research the common measures of health used to research this problem. In this assignment, you will operationalize a particular instance of the concepts discussed in the readings.

Use the readings for the module, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet to research common measures of health to complete the below assignment.

In 3 pages:

1. Identify and analyze the underlying determinants and contributing factors of the problem? Include your thoughts on factors such as social and political trends.
2. Determine what common measures of health can be used for your selected problem.
3. Determine the goals of your PSA.
4. Justify your reasoning with scholarly research.

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