vocational school vs college 1

5 Pages 

3 sources at least from creditable sources

MLA Style

Summary in the introduction and quote from the article “What’s wrong with vocational school” (Murray)


The body paragraph arguments must be:

con’s in one paragraph and Pro’s in another


Con/pro , Con/pro Paragraphs 


i’m suppurting the vocational school in my essay against college because: (vocational school Pro)

less expansive

It takes less time to graduate

Hands on training 

more jobs after graduation

this is what i can come up with, but you can write or edit more reasons.


some college Pro:

College guarentee higher salary

Social Prestige

Also you should add more reasons




I would like to use this style in the thesis( Although (college pro), vocational school is better because(the reasons why its better)….).

There must be a hook.

the sources must be from creditable source.


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