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Vocation of a business leader

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After reading and contemplating the “ Vocation of the Business Leader” and reflecting on the “conviction that all Christians are called to practice charity in a manner
corresponding to their vocation and according to the degree of influence they wield” each student will responses to the checklist questions poised at the end of the
publication. It is not essential that every single question be addressed specifically, but the majority of questions should be responded to specifically, in general,
or in a combination response where more than one question is addressed. Despite your choice to include responses to every specific question, each student is required
to respond in detail to the three “In Summary” questions (As a Christian [or Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, etc.] business leader, am I promoting human dignity and the common
good in my sphere of influence?; Am I supporting the culture of life, justice, international regulations, transparency, civic, environmental, and labor standards, and
the fight against corruption?; Am I promoting the integral development of the person in my workplace?). Although there is no formal minimum or maximum length required,
the average submission that meets my expectations is typically around 3000. However, I am much more concerned about quality than quantity. You are required to
incorporate at least five external sources in your responses to the questions that follow the assigned article and you should consider including any additional
comments or suggestions that you deem beneficial.
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