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perform an in-depth theoretical and practical exploration of clinical data formats, vocabularies, and transmission mechanisms. Understanding clinical data is a vital knowledge set for CDSS, when
you must be able to define inputs and outputs for your system, process the data, and produce usable outcomes that can be indigested by other clinical applications in a single healthcare
organization or across multiple entities. Using information provided in the textbooks, lectures, and web sites belonging to each data type governing organization, address the following:
1. SNOMED ontology. 1 point.
2. LOINC ontology. 1 point.
3. RxNorm ontology. 1 point.
4. ICD-10 medical coding and documentation vocabulary. 1 point.
5. CPT medical coding and documentation vocabulary. 1 point.
6. HL7 clinical interface programming language. 1 point.
7. In your own words and using literature, how are these ontologies, vocabularies, and language interrelated, and what role do they play in construction and operation of CDSS? 1 point.
8. Revisit clinical study you selected as a practical exercise for Week 2 EBM paper, from the ClinicalTrials.gov web site. Analyze the study in detail in terms of the data types you would need, if

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