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Visual Media

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Identify the main discourses and visual characteristics in the development of visual media.
Realise the potential and limitations of display in the interpretation of visual media.
Apply appropriate research methology, analyse and draw conclusions by combining a personal viewpoint with a variety of sources.
Through critical analysis and evaluation, recognise the potential of make-up and special effects in lens-based media and how it relates to narrative and text.

Following on from the seminar (which has been done and will be sent to the writer) produce a 3000 word with illustrations or screenshots as appendices. The will revolve around the same film and theme as the seminar and will therefore concern the cinematography, narrative and costume. Continue to pay special attention to the use of costume and display in the creation of these works and the effect or impact these have upon the development of narrative.
The must combine a personal viewpoint with a variety of other interpretations/opinions.
The work must follow the recognised academic procedures for citation, reference sourcing and bibliography: The Harvard Referencing System.
When developing the you may want to pay attention to the following:
– Historical accuracy
– Representation of poverty
– Representation of status and social hierarchy
– Use of stereotypes
– Consider how the film respond to audience expectation.
3000 word illustrated with correct presentation:
– Front cover
– Contents page
– Citation
– Reference list
– Bibliography
– List of images
– Word count


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