values in america good and bad

Weekly Lesson Objective: Define and appropriately use values associated with a republican/ democratic government, including radical individualism, engaged citizenship, justice, dissent, equality, truth, liberty, judgment, and rights

Weekly Deliverable (100 points) Powerpoint

The Question Make a Powerpoint to demonstrate learning by examining a value discussed in the assigned readings. Use an assigned article to define the value you will be examining. Does this value “uplift” or “degrade” the human spirit? Why is this value important in our society? Provide a prescriptive solution which reduces the negative effect or increases the positive effects of this value.
The Format: Your outline should be based upon the following format:

Using no more than 15 slides, and no more than 25 words per slide, your presentation needs to;

1. Use the introductory slide to present a Thesis Statement,

2. Examine an event that reflects our values. Share the example with the audience, a. Make it apparent how the value and the event are connected, b. Cite a legitimate source that describes the event,

3. Demonstrate learning based upon the assigned course reading materials. Use at least three assigned reading articles from the current week,

4. Also, include at least one assigned reading article from a previous week (four total citations),

5. Recommend a Prescriptive solution on how to appropriately engage the value, a. Avoid over-worn clichés and flimsy or overtly politically partisan arguments,

6. In your assignment you can include up to four (appropriate) images, jpegs, memes, quotes, to exemplify your thoughts,

7. In your conclusion ask the audience to join you in pursuing a solution,

8. Provide APA style bibliography.

9. Students are to use appropriate grammar and punctuation skills including APA in-line citations and quotation marks.

Additional Details:
o Objective demonstrations of learning are not subjective. Write in the third person. Avoid using words such as “I” or “me.” Use your assignment to tell the reader the main ideas and themes expressed in the assigned reading articles.
o Use and cite a minimum of three assigned reading documents from the current week in the weekly objective

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