Unit 3 DB 345

In your role as the new human resources manager, you plan to prepare a series of videos with various scenarios. These scenarios will allow the managers to view real-life diversity issues that they may have to address. The first one you plan to create will involve potential gender discrimination.

You are asking one of your male managers and one of your female managers to help create the video. In this scenario, the male manager acts as a male chauvinist and seems oblivious to the existence of gender discrimination, while the female has actually experienced it.

You want the video to specifically address the following 3 issues, to sensitize your managers to issues of gender discrimination:

  • Find an example of a current event in the news that describes any positive outcome experience dealing with discrimination based on gender (one that ended up with what was perceived as a positive outcome to the female parties involved, or male parties involved).
  • How was it addressed?
  • If the responsible manager had not been aware of the Civil Rights Act or the gender sensitivity issues involved, how could he have handled it incorrectly?


Answer the questions, and describe how the two different managers may view the current example used in the training video differently.

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