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2 Your text essentially describes the concept of ethical relativism as the idea that there is no one standard of right and wrong, and that each culture sets its own rules. Within each culture, the majority determines what the proper rule to follow is in terms of right and wrong. Ethical relativism does not do a good job of resolving conflicts that involve different cultures, but it can work well to resolve conflicts within a culture by applying the majority rule.

For this task, you are going to use ethical relativism to determine the best way to deal with the corruption you discussed in the Discussion Board assignment. Read the chapter about ethical relativism in the text, and use the library and the Internet to obtain further information on the concept of ethical relativism. Then, choose 1 of the 2 items of corruption you discussed in the Discussion Board, and use the concepts of ethical relativism to suggest the best way to prevent or limit the corruption you discussed earlier. In doing so, at a minimum, you should answer the following questions:


·         Define ethical relativism.

·         Which corrupt behavior did you choose?

·         Is the corrupt behavior you identified considered normal behavior? If so, by whom?

·         Does the fact that the behavior is or is not normal make it good or bad behavior?

·         If the majority considered the corrupt behavior as acceptable, would it no longer be considered corrupt?

·         In American culture, is there a simple majority rule, or are there subcultures within American culture that can influence what is considered the majority rule?

·         Applying the concepts of ethical relativism, how would you suggest preventing or limiting the corruption issue you chose?


·         In your opinion, is ethical relativism a good method for preventing or limiting the corruption issue you chose, or would the theories Kant, Mill, or Aristotle work better under these circumstances? Compare ethical relativism to these three theories and explain which is better at avoiding harm and promoting justice.

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