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tomorrow’s company – project management
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Project Management
Tomorrow’s Company
You have now been introduced to some of the most significant challenges that you will face as a strategic manager of projects. Your task for the Tomorrow’s Company
essay is two-fold.

a) Identify and briefly present the challenges that are pertinent in the management of projects in your industry specifically and what success looks like. If you are
thinking of changing industries you should identify and briefly present the challenges and a definition of success that are pertinent to your target industry. Part (a)
should be no longer than 700 words or 2 pages long. No marks will be allocated to part (a) but it is the basis of your answer to part (b).

b) Present your unique approach to strategically managing projects (20%). Critically evaluate your approach, what are the advantages and disadvantages of your approach
to strategically managing projects in your industry specifically (80%).
In answering part (b) you need to use academic literature and show that you have considered the challenges/definition of success that you have identified in part (a).
Your approach needs to be strategic and specific. Focus on how you would design/shape your projects to make it strategic and on specific actions/processes/initiatives
that you think that you will need to be a successful strategic manager of projects.
Word limit: 2,500 words
Personal Note:

Past industry:
Event Manager (own company. Small size) – Web coder & Strategy planner (own company. Small size) – International relations & Strategic planning manager at huge
international university branch (hired) – business consultant at huge local consulting group (related to Government works, Education & IT web & Event section) (hired)

Challenge industry:
I will be hired in huge international business company for planning department that covers business strategy and plans as the highest management department in the
hierarchy where can control most of sub-businesses. About IT(Web), Education, Event, Networking sections. Not an engineering section. Management department.

So, some big challenge could be
1. do not know about the engineering part but higher position
2. adoption of new technology
3. run a company ? hired into a company (hierarchy issues)
4. working in small group to huge group (No systematic ? need system for management)
5. HR issues
6. mixing advantages of various background (Event, IT, Education, Consultancy)
7. etc…

think more proper ideas based on it to explain in well-organized structure with strong academic references. Must refer to attached files.


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