this is a commemorative presentation you will pay tribute to a person group place institution monument or event which you feel greatly influenced one of the following movements

Oral Presentation

This is a commemorative presentation. You will pay tribute to a person, group, place/ institution, monument or event, which you feel greatly influenced one of the following ‘movements’:

  1. a) Women’s Rights Movement (1960s and 70s – and arguably continuing today); or
  2. b) Civil Rights Movement (1950s and 60s – and arguably continuing today).

Commemorative speaking pays tribute and brings accolades to the subject. This is not a biography or historical documentary. You must use all proper conventions of public speaking, including a speaking outline, verbal and nonverbal techniques, and all elements of introduction, main points, and conclusion. The presentation will last 5 minutes. Submit your outline, presentation slides (PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi), and a video recording of the presentation (which will be completed in-class during your presentation) to Canvas for assessment using the Dialogues of Learning Oral Communication Grading Rubric.

You are required to present on the day and time, which you sign up for in class. No exceptions. If you are absent during the class where presentation dates and times were secured, your professor will assign the same.

You are required to be present in class during all student presentations. Not just your own. Failure to be present during a presentation day will result in a 15 point deduction per occurrence.

Upload both your slides and speaking outline to Canvas by 11:59pm on Monday, April 29. Late submissions will NOT be assessed for credit. Upload the video of your presentation to Canvas by the end of the day you present.

Upload your video recording (completed in class during your presentation) to LiveText by no later than 11:59pm on the date in which you presented. Without this video your presentation may not be assessed.

Information contained in your slides must be properly cited in APA format.

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