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The Professor sent this message for me, can you to answer for him?


“So, your research question is how water desalination policy affects water supply management in populated urban sectors? You are planning on using Florida as a case study? Is that correct? If so, your primary issue will probably be measuring water supply management since this would essentially serve as your dependent variable. If may be possible, depending on how you measure water supply management, to do a longitudinal time series analysis where you can compare levels of the dependent variable prior to, and after, the introduction of these desalination efforts. You would, of course, need to control for other factors that could affect water supply management such as population, etc.

The present study that aims at answering the question of how the strategy of higher desalination of water helps in better water supply management in overly populated urban sector, will consider the case study of Florida

How would you measure “better water supply management”? I am a little unclear on that”.

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