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The end of 2008 marked the single worst quarter for the U.S. economy in over half a century. Real GDP declined by 8.9%, and the unemployment rate was ratcheting
upward. In November 2008, hoping that more money would stimulate the economy, the Federal Reserve determined that it should take additional measures to increase the
money supply. The method it chose is a new variety of open market operations know as quantitative easing.

1. discuss how quantitative easing differs from typical open market operations in the United States.
2. explain how the Federal Reserve Bank implemented this quantitative easing, i.e. the scope, size, and timeline of the implementation.
3. Did the quantitative easing work as planned i.e., to provide fund and confidence to pull the U.S. economy out of recession, keep interest rates low to revive the
housing market and to make more credit available? (NO CITATION PLEASE)


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