the topic is universal declaration of human rights

Primary Source Paper: Guidelines

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  1. This is a formal essay. It needs a thesis supported by evidence, and a conclusion that brings your argument together at the end to remind the reader of your evidence.
  • Your thesis is a response to these questions:
    • What does this document teach you about the time period in which it was produced?
    • What is the importance or historical significance of this document?
    • You should introduce the document generally and then, by the end of paragraph one, you should construct your argument around one particular article from the document and relate it to one particular event that happened following the creation of the declaration.
    • Provide historical context about the idea behind the article you chose. This should bring you back to the 18th century.

2. You must include historical context in order to fully analyze your document. You should be able to find enough historical context in your book. Make sure it is all in your own words. If you use any additional sources, make sure to include a brief bibliography page using whatever format (MLA or Chicago) that you prefer.

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