The Social Animal by Elliot Aronson Essay Dissertation Help

A-What role to empathy authenticity and/or self-esteem play in forms of love that have experienced or encountered, such as romantic love, friendship, familial love, love or art, animals, etc?
B-Discuss forms of prejudice that you see as significant factors in society: for example, the biases that may fuel conflict over LGBT rights racial and/or gender equality, religion, immigrants,
disability, economic class, etc. How can factors such as equal status contact, the jigsaw technique, empathy, and the “psychology of inevitability” help to reduce prejudice?
C- Discuss aggression (for example war, bullying, rape, domestic abuse, etc) in light of at least three of the following: conformity, mass media and propaganda, self-justification, dehumanization,
“nature vs. nurture, and/or prejudice.

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