the reason is that managers are often given a limited amount of information and they have to figure out what s best for their company given that limited information


This is a case about the dynamics of American Home Products that has virtually no debt because of the anti-debt philosophy of its CEO. The case explores potential Capital Structure changes to the company and reasons behind making those changes.

You can see each others’ e-mail addresses on this e-mail, so please move forward by contacting each other about how you will work on this project together. This is your assigned group, so you are not allowed to change to another group for this project.

You should purchase your case from Harvard Business School cases, which you can find by simply searching by the case name at the following link:

You should read the case as soon as possible first, and, after that, you should answer the questions on the case that are attached to this e-mail. The paper should include the answers to those questions. Basically, your paper should include a cover page with all of your names, the name of the case, etc., and then the paper should simply include the answers, such as question #1 (state question #1), answer #1 (answer to question #1), then question #2 (state question #2), answer #2 (answer to question #2), and so on.

You should only use the information provided in the case (and public knowledge of Finance, meaning generally what you learn in class) for this case project. The reason is that managers are often given a limited amount of information, and they have to figure out what’s best for their company given that limited information. You are assuming the position of a manager as you work on this case at the time at which the case occurred. For example, since this case is from several years ago, you should not use information from year 2019, since that would be the future from the standpoint of the case. You are supposed to try to predict what happens in the future, but actually checking what happened since the case took place defeats the purpose of being in the position in which actual managers are, which is a large part of what I am testing you on for this project. Basically, only use the information in the case (and general Finance knowledge), and stay in the time frame of the case.

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