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The Middle Ages

he Middle Ages were a time of great upheaval, whether you examine politics, economics, society, or religion. Please select three of the four aforementioned factors and explain how each was involved in the upheaval. For example: I would write a Thesis statement Body 1 – would be about the end of feudalism and the development of guilds and cities. (This would be the social aspect) Body 2 – would be about how the monarchs encouraged trade so that tax systems could generate wealth for the kingdoms (This would be the economic aspect) Body 3 – would be about the Church?s attempts to remain central to life in post-feudal Western Europe (the Crusades, the excommunications, etc) This would be the religious aspect. OR Body 3 – could possibly be about the ways in which monarchs gained/maintained control in various kingdoms (This would be a political aspect)

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