The Greek Crisis: A Tragedy or Opportunity Essay Dissertation Help

The Greek Crisis: A Tragedy or Opportunity?

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Answering the following questions in the case analysis based on the information provided in the Harvard Business Review case document is REQUIRED:

1. How did Greek got into this difficult situation? Whose fault was this?
2. Would you buy Greek Government Bonds (GGBs) now?
3. Does the Greek crisis spell doom for the future of the euro and the euro financial markets?

The paper should be a minimum of 5-8 typewritten double-spaced pages, 12 pt. font, and use a minimum of 5 substantial, credible websites, articles, books, primary and secondary documents. Page count DOES NOT include bibliography.

-The final bibliography should be ANNOTATED
-Also try to use information from the European Union, IMF, and World Bank’s websites, if possible
-DEADLINE is April 28, 2017

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