The Effects of 9-11 Essay Dissertation Help

The events of 9-11 were a major turning point in aviation security and in the fight on terrorism. Many of the security practices in use today came as a result of the tragic events that occurred
that day. What weaknesses were discovered during those attacks that have now been remedied by improved security practices? Have these security changes met their goals? Are there security methods
that would be more beneficial than those that have been implemented?

What weaknesses were found in the security screening methods used prior to the 9-11 attacks? – What other weaknesses/failures were cited as contributing to the 9-11 attacks? – What recommendations
were made to change security and intelligence tactics following the 9-11 attacks? – Which of these recommendations have you seen implemented in aviation security? – In your opinion, are these
changes adequate? – In your opinion, have the security changes addressed the weaknesses found by the 9-11 Commission?
Write a 2-3 page paper describing your answers to the questions above.

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