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Analyze the theme of childhood innocence in the novel The Catcher in the Rye using two of the major symbols from the story. The major symbols are hunting hat, the Museum of Natural History, Allie’s baseball glove, the catcher in the rye, the carrousel, and the ducks in Central Park. Choose two of the six symbols and relate to the childhood innocence theme. Determine HOW and WHY the two symbols you choose relate to the childhood innocence theme. The essay is 3 paragraphs, should include title(italics) and author. Make sure use two semicolons or colons in the essay. Include at least one direct quotation from the original novel for added support. Be sure to include an introduction paragraph(1st paragraph) of what is to come in the paper and conclusion that connects to another theme(which is ailiation and isolation), also explain reasons why Holden acts the way in which he does, or that generates a thought provoking idea for the reader to ponder. Make sure NO 1st and 2nd person! Stay in the same verb tense. Also, you need to use two of the vocabularies from the vocabulary sheet which is attached. Make sure you reach every point I write in this email. Also the instructions of the essay is also attached in case you have questions.

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