the blue eyes and brown eyes experiment

  • 1st Paragraph: Clearly state the main problem or issue you need to consider when determining whether or not this study is ethical. Clearly explain what makes this study unethical, and why. Cite at least one outside source, as well as one or two concepts from the APA Code of Conduct, to support your statements.
  • 2nd Paragraph: Analyze and interpret relevant information about this study to determine what would need to be changed in order to meet the APA’s Code of Conduct and ethical standards.
  • 3rd Paragraph: Evaluate this study to assess if the benefit of learning the results of this study outweighs the potential harm of conducting the study. Cite at least one outside source to support your statements.
  • 4th Paragraph: Generate a comprehensive conclusion that integrates your thoughts about this study and about ethical experiments (the main problem/issue you addressed in the first paragraph).

Make sure that you cite your sources within your paper using APA-formatted in-text citations, and the last page of your paper needs to be your APA-formatted reference page. Both your first paragraph and third paragraph must have citations.…

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