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, double-space. USING QUOTES: USE YOUR OWN WORDS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. IF YOU QUOTE OTHER WRITING, KEEP IT SMALL. DO NOT SIMPLY COPY SOMEONE ELSE’S SENTENCES FROM ARTICLES: make it clear when quoting another source that it is a quotation, and NAME the source of any QUOTES you use. (The library has info on format and quotes.) Keep direct quotes to a minimum. PLAIN ENGLISH IS GOOD! SIZE: 4 or more pages. I am most focused on good quality answers that respond to my questions here. The more completely you explore these things, the better. Just try to do your best on each item! The key is to work smart, meaning, using online research, asking good questions/making good searches. This way you will work efficiently: quickly and with more ease. Keep trying!  DO BOTH PARTS 1 AND 2:  PART 1: Label each part you write the same as here: 1.a., 1.b, etc.: 1.a. Pick a SUBJECT you are interested in, that involves business in some way. Tell me what it is. Examples: a favorite sport, makeup (cosmetics), smartphones, online gaming. 1.b. Pick a BUSINESS FIRM (company) involved with that. Tell me what it is. Examples: Dallas Cowboys football team, L’Oreal cosmetics, Apple, Walmart. 1.c. About this company, find at least 2 ARTICLES (online or printed) FROM THE LAST 2 MONTHS that show some important news about it. Name these articles to me by title and source (including any web links). Then, in your own words (as much as you can), answer these (labeled like this, in this order): (a) What kind of ORGANIZATION is your firm? A corporation or LLC? Are its operations international, or mainly in one country? You probably have to go outside your recent articles to get this info. Here is an example of a google search: (b) Who are major players in this business? (“Players” meaning, the powerful and influential individuals, and other firms in that line of business, competitors, big investors, etc.?) In other words, what persons or groups have a big impact on how things go? (d) What are some main LAWS/REGULATIONS it works under? Who are the REGULATORS (agencies or other government bodies) it works with on these matters? Is this changing — are they facing new regulations, or maybe less regulation under the current US government? Example google research for a question on regulators/ regulations: (e) What (in your own words) do these articles tell us about changes happening, or coming, in the big picture for this firm/business? What are big challenges faced in doing this business, for example, are they growing and hiring more people now? Must they spend more soon on tech? Are there new technologies affecting their business, such as new ways to shop and choose their products? Is this organization moving well with the times? __

 PART 2: MAKE UP STORIES OF VIOLATIONS OF CALIF. UNFAIR COMPETITION LAW: – For each item below, make a statement (like a little story, one sentence long, or a few sentences) of an IMAGINARY BUSINESS or businesses (not a real business) DOING EACH OF THE FOLLOWING THINGS (which means the business would be VIOLATING, BREAKING this law each time, by simply doing what is described in each item). NOTE: THIS IS IN DIFFERENT ORDER FROM THE ACTUAL LAW, and from EARLIER SEMESTERS, SO COPYING OLDER PAPERS from earlier semesters will not work. MAKE EACH ONE SEPARATE; NUMBER EACH SEPARATE LITTLE STORY (answer part), IN ORDER, MATCHING THE NUMBERS BELOW: — Adapted from California Civil Code section 1770 “Unfair Methods of Competition and Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices”: [These are out of order from the actual law, and the language is shortened:] The following unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts [by a seller] intended to result in sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer are unlawful [in California]: (1) Disparaging [defaming: see business torts notes] goods, services, or business of another by false [statement] of fact. (2) [Making a false statement of] certification [this business supposedly has, from a government agency or other organization]. (3) Representing that goods are original or new if they have deteriorated unreasonably or are used. (4) [Falsely stating] geographic origin [of] goods or services. (5) [Falsely stating] that goods or services have … characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits, or quantities they do not have. (6) [Falsely stating] the source … of goods or services. (7) Representing that goods or services are of a particular standard, quality, or grade, or that goods are of a particular … model, if they are of another. (8) Advertising goods or services with intent not to supply reasonably expectable demand, unless the advertisement discloses a limitation of quantity. (9) Representing that a part, replacement, or repair service is needed when it is not. (10) Inserting an unconscionable provision in the contract. [Look it up! It is in the textbook, and in our later contracts notes, or in a legal dictionary.] (11) Misrepresenting the authority of a salesperson, representative, or agent to negotiate the final terms of a transaction with a consumer. [ END. ]

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