systems engineering case integration and test efforts ariane

We will be focusing on systems integration and test aspects of these case studies. Write a short paper highlighting your views on the case with respect to shortfalls in integration and/or test efforts. Do not forget to look at systems engineering processes (planning, requirements management, configuration management, risk analysis, etc) with respect to and how they support integration and test. Do not just regurgitate the case study back to me, I have already read it; I am looking for your views. One last thing, don’t give me a monolithic block of text, make sure I can clearly delineate the answers to the questions.

Papers should be no more than two pages. Address the following questions:

  1. In systems engineering terms describe the fundamental problem (s) encountered.
    Example: “This appears to be a case where requirements were not clearly defined, analyzed and documented. No configuration management process was implemented and interfaces were not adequately defined…”
  2. What do you think the program did right?
  3. Based on what you have learned in class to date, what would YOU have done differently and why?
  4. Have you experienced any problems or successes similar to that in the paper, if so what was it?
  5. What were your top 3 “takeaways”? Why?

We will spend some time analyzing the problem and discussing the case via discussion board. Discussion board participation is mandatory and will be part of your grade.

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