summarize the current assessment and management of copd using the copd resources provided plus your own resources 1

Summarize the current assessment and management of COPD using the COPD resources provided in the links below as a reference, and other COPD resources of choice (Ensure that you provide at least 5 different reference), find three patients with COPD. Obtain past medical history, which should include medications, number of hospitalizations in past 3 years, and Pulmonary Function Test data. Using the combined assessment of COPD guidelines:, place each of these patients in the appropriate category. Does the care of these patients reflect the CPG? Interview one of the patients to determine their knowledge of pulmonary rehab, and COPD.

Presentations Deadlines, Requirements, and Scoring Rubric

1. The presentation must be in PowerPoint format with no less than 16 slides. The presentation must have a title slide, objectives slide, 2 questions slides, and reference slide.

a. The title must be included but does not count as part of the required minimum 16 slides.

b. Reference slides must also be provided at the end of the presentation, these do not count as part of the required minimum 16 slides.

c. Immediately after the title slide you must provide a slide with two audience objectives for your presentation. (After someone reads or listens to your presentation what will the audience have learned?) The objective slide does not count as part of the minimum 16 slides. The following link ( might be useful in providing common action verbs used in writing learning objectives. An example of a learning objective is:

The learner will be able to identify the major causes of hypoxemia after completing reviewing this presentation.

d. Immediately after the presentation and before the Reference slides, you must provide two multiple-choice questions that can be used to measure the achievement of the learning objectives. The multiple-choice question slides do not count as part of the minimum 16 slides. An example of a question is:

Which of the conditions below would result in hypoxemia?

A. massive blood loss

B. carbon monoxide poisoning

C. hyperventilation

D. hypoventilation

F. You must use at least 5 references. The references must be provided using APA format. If you are unfamiliar with APA format I would recommend obtaining the “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition” (ISBN 978-1-4338-0559-2). Below is a link that may be helpful as a start.

Be advised that failure to adhere to APA citation format will result in loss of all points for references.

G. Grading for presentation will be:

Slides40 points (number, quality of slides, spelling, grammar)

Presentation 30 points (organization, rationale, accomplishment of objectives)

References20 points (number and format)

Objectives10 points (stating of objectives; is there a rationale)

Questions10 points (grammar, do they measure the objective)

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