summarize quot is justified true belief knowledge quot by gettier and provide counterexamples

These are the instructions posted by my professor:

Hello class,

Instructions: Write a 1 page essay that accomplishes the following:

1. Summarize the essay clearly identifying the conclusion and the premises.

2. Provide “Gettier” counterexample(s) (conjunctive and disjunctive).

This means that you have to construct an argument that has a false premise and a true conclusion. This argument is valid. However, it’s not sound. “Knowledge” is derived from arguments that are valid and sound.

Furthermore, I will give you some supplemental material he talked about in class to help you write the paper.

Please be concise in this essay, use 12 font Times New Roman, and MLA to cite sources

The format of the essay should be 6 paragraphs as follows:

A simple Intro, Explanation of Gettier’s argument, Explanation of Plato’s argument, A conjunctive counterexample, A Disjunctive example, and a simple conclusion

He also gave us what to write for the Gettier paragraph in simple terms, please elaborate on this and use the last paragraph on the first page that starts with “I shall begin by noting” to draw the 2 premises for Gettier’s argument:

Gettier argues that Plato’s theory of justified true belief does not guarantee knowledge.

Thank you and let me know if you have questions please! Make sure to look through the attached files below 🙂

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