strategies for success 3

As you prepare for this week’s Dicussion, think about this: What strategies will contribute to your success as an online learner? What are some of the challenges presented by working virtually with others? How can you overcome these challenges? How might Walden act as a virtual learning community to aid in your success?

  • Provide an example of an obstacle to successful teamwork that you encountered in your prior academic or professional endeavors and demonstrate how you addressed and overcame this obstacle. How do you think you might employ similar strategies in your degree program at Walden?
  • Describe the roles of the virtual learning community’s various members. How do they relate to one another? Where do you fit into this virtual learning community? How can your membership in this virtual learning community enhance your relationships and experiences as a stakeholder in your professional community? How do the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals within their organizations compare to the role and responsibility of an online student?
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