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STARBUCKS’ company Leadership

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1. Term Paper: This paper focuses on STARBUCKS company’s challenges of leadership within the organization. This assignment requires you to demonstrate and to highlight the leadership challenges in which you describe how STARBUCKS has orchestrated its leadership and followership culture and applied transactional versus transformation leadership theory. Emphasis will be on the understanding of the problems, critical evaluation as well as the ability to clearly communicate proposed solutions.
You will write an analysis of the organizational culture, leadership, ethical practices, and the use of power and political behavior in STARBUCKS. This will require the use of materials such as STARBUCKS own website, articles written on Starbucks, scholarly articles about Starbucks and importantly the textbook of Robert N. Lussier and Christopher F. Achua, titled LEADERSHIP: Theory, Application and Skil Development (Sixth Edition).
In your analysis, discuss the following areas:
• The organizational culture and the unique characteristics of STARBUCKS’ work environment.
• Leadership and how the various concepts and leadership models discussed in the textbook mentioned above are utilized in Starbucks firm’s CEO and management team
• The organizational design and structure of the firm.
• How the firm manages ethical issues, conflict and managerial challenges.
• Whether the firm uses either or both the characteristics of transactional and transformational leaders.
• Your recommendations for the future of the company. How can key leaders of this firm improve in the next 2-3 years? Please do not make recommendations on products or services you want the firm to produce. Rather, focus on how the company’s organizational climate, leadership, ethics, leadership development and overall leadership environment should improve.

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