Sports Medicine and Fitness Program Academic Essay

Sports Medicine and Fitness Program

Exercise Physiology 7: Documentary: The Truth about Exercise (2012)


Purpose: This lab is designed to engage the student about recognizing concepts and topics in Sports Medicine/Exercise and being able to conceptually explain and expand the knowledge gained by writing a paper.


Sports Medicine and Fitness Program

Instructions: Please watch The Truth about Exercise (2012) by Michael Mosley. The link is:


Find three (3) topics or concepts in the documentary that we have studied in exercise physiology class. Please relate the topics from the documentary and explain what you know about them. Also, give us a picture (with your writing) on how the documentary was using the topics or concepts you just studied. Also, make sure you explain the concepts or topics to the reader.


Please include an introductory paragraph, a body, and a conclusion. Use the space below to take notes and make an outline of your paper.



 Sports Medicine and Fitness Program























Submission:  Please type up a 1.5 – 2 page paper in APA format and include in your lab portfolio.

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