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  1. 1. Apply the steps to minimizing debilitating emotions in ONE of the following scenarios. 1) Describe what you could do in each step, including identifying and disputing the irrational fallacies. 2) Discuss what you believe might be the personal and relational outcomes when managed this way.

Scenario 1: You are working on an important paper for school when your roommate trips on your computer cord and shuts down the machine before you could save it. You think to yourself, “Arrgh! Why did she have to do that! Could she see I was working?! She should look where she’s going, and she shouldn’t even come near me when I’m working anyway!” You begin to turn red, feel really angry, yell and blame her for ruining your semester.

Scenario 2: You are consumed with anger toward your boss (whom you’ve worked with for two years). He is indecisive. He avoids tasks that demand a lot of effort. He is slow in getting you information you need to complete your work. You believe he shouldn’t be such a lazy slob, and that he should realize how ineffective he is and do something about it! You get angry with yourself because you can’t seem to stop being angry with him. You bring your anger home with you and yell at your spouse and children.

  1. 2. using the following problem, 1) apply the Pillow Method to view the issue. 2) Identify each position and explain each position clearly in relation to the scenario. 3) Explain how an expanded view of the situation might affect the communication in this relationship.

Problem: You and a friend have talked about taking a trip to Europe after college graduation. While planning the trip during your last year, you discover that your friend is insisting on taking an organized tour while you have always dreamed of backpacking through Europe and staying at hostels.

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