Sociology-Divorce and Family Violence

250 or more words each question-USE LECTURES ATTACHMENTS


1-Identify, describe and illustrate, at least four important reasons for divorce in this society today.  Is divorce likely to increase or decrease in the future?  Why?  Incorporate both economic and cultural dimensions in your answer.  Incorporate gender, race, ethnicity and social class in your answer/analysis.   For one of your choices, suggest policies which might help strengthen the family.  


2-In instances of domestic violence the abuser use a variety of tactics to control the victim.  Review the tactics described in the power and control wheel.  Identify at least three factors which enhance the power of the abuser and three which make the victim more vulnerable.   The vulnerabilities are aspects of the victim’s situation or outlook which make them easier to control with abuse.  Why can the tactics used by abusers be so effective?  Explain ways in which women and children can become more vulnerable to violence and abuse.   (For example, the role of our cultural “myths” about domestic violence.) 


Due Sunday May 19th by 6PM EST

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