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Sales forecasting becomes a key driver in the creation of pro forma statements. Using he Curated Home as example explain how you might create a sales forecast. Discuss AT LEAST two challenges
that might be faced with such a sales forecast.

Using the Curated Home Business Plan below answer the following questions
Address the forms of businesses, taxes, licenses needed, and so forth.
1) Which legal structure do you recommend? Why?
2) Can this legal structure be changed once it has been established?
3) Should the business be formed in or out of state? Why?
4) What are the tax implications of the legal structure recommended?
5) Will I need an employer identification number (EIN)?
6) Should I open a business bank account, or will my personal account be sufficient? Why?
7) Do you recommend using accounting software? Why?
8) What are the strengths and weaknesses of this business form?

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